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How about a relaxing, fun portrait session for a change?  I like to keep it light and fun during my sessions.  You stick to enjoying each others company (what you do best) and I’ll work to catch that connection!  That’s what good photography is all about!  Let’s have some fun together!

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work.  I am an on location custom photographer, that means I come to you.  I specialize in photographing babies, and children through high school.  I also photograph their families.  Custom Photography is everything that a box store, cookie cutter, run- of- the- mill photographer isn’t! This is a totally personalized session. I will hold your hand from start to finish. I will help you select a location, what a wear, and even suggest how to hang and display your amazing collection. Every single session is totally unique, like you! Custom Photography is like having your clothing tailored perfectly to your body. It is specifically designed to fit your style, your home, your unique family. That is what makes me different.

My style is close and colorful.    My designs lean toward natural colors with a little zip but I do love a classic black and white.  My props are usually from a vintage era but I think they are best when combined with a modern twist.  I like to create a customized design plan for each session from the ground up!  The location, clothing choices, and props should all tell a cohesive story, you’re story.  My favorite sessions work around a theme or event that we create together.

My clients expect extraordinary, creative images, and unparalleled professional services! Should you expect anything less? When you look at your portraits, you should fall in love all over again. Let me show you how a custom photography session can be fun, stress free, and totally you!


Ready?  Book me!

Initial consultation- answer questions, book your appointment
Planning Session- decisions where to go, how to dress
Photography Session- this is where the magic happens
Selection Session- pick your photos for purchase online

Beautiful & unique custom photography (read more below)
Experienced with babies & children (it is my specialty)
I edit (see below)
Professional services

You bet -when the session ends, my work begins
I  “tweak”, crop, and color adjust for amazing print ready images
A portrait isn’t a portrait without some minor touch ups (professional retouching) and blemish removal.   When you look good, I look good

Clients can expect professional treatment, exceptional customer services, and a reasonable turn around time
I work using a signed contract


I fell in love with the camera in High School.   I took my first photography class in the 9th grade and spent the next three years crouched behind the camera for the yearbook staff!  I took photography courses at the University of Santa Cruz and Liberty University.  I have a BS in advertising, public relations and marketing.  For the past ten years, I worked off and on as a freelance portrait photographer. I have taken everything from newborns, to weddings. In 2009, I opened Siriani Photography because it was time to take photography to a whole new level.

I married the “yin” to my “yang”.  I am employed full time by two children who keep me very active!   I am pretty sure that people would describe me as outgoing.  I am guilty of talking to people in the grocery store check out line.  I am also a bit of a night owl.  You might find me editing or posting comments on Facebook in the middle of the night!  I love lattes, lip gloss, and anything that sparkles.  I never run from a challenge. I enjoy learning new things and keep life exciting and fresh.  I love to camp, cook, read, garden and sew.  I even make some of my own props. By the end of a photo session I am generally a dirty disheveled mess from laying on the ground trying to get just the right angle for the camera!